PHP Function Finder V.2 for Windows Vista

PHP Function Finder V.2 provides quick and easy access to the function database directly from your Windows Vista Sidebar. We have made several enhancements to this popular tool based on feedback from our users.  The new version is cleaner, lighter, and just as easy to use as its predecessor.

The new version of the PHP Function Finder includes the following enhancements:
- It is smaller, V.2 requires about 60% less sidebar space.
- The Zipline Interactive branding has been replaced with a small text link.
- It is rectangular, plays nicely with other gadgets on your desktop.
- Removed flash when a search is performed.

To Install:
1. Click here to download the PHP Function Finder Gadget.

2. Double click the new file phpfunctionfinder.gadget and choose install. The gadget will be added to your sidebar.

3. Enjoy your new gadget. Send feedback or questions to: Zipline If you found this gadget useful please consider linking to this page from your website!

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